Hottest Toys For Christmas 2015 – Top 10 Gifts for Xmas 2015

Giving a toy to your children on Christmas day can be a joyful and incredibly rewarding experience as you watch their faces light up with joy as they unwrap their presents. but it can be equally scary and well, lets just say not so joyful if you get the wrong gift.

Staying on top of what the latest most popular toy is on the market isn’t an easy task so we have taken the guess work out of it for you and have come up with the top 10 hottest toys for Christmas 2014 to help you make a decision that is sure to be a winner.


Top 10 Hottest Toys For Christmas 2015

1. Furby Boom 6. LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle
2. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo 7. LEGO Minecraft (Original)
3. Lalaloopsy dolls 8. Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom
4. Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow 9. Zoomer
5. World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game 10. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer Set


1. Furby Boom

Furby is back for Christmas 2015, ready to start a brand new adventure! And this time he is bringing some new friends in the form of hatchlings!. That’s right a new generation is ready to be hatched using the Free Furby Boom app (iPhone and Andriod).

As always your physical Furby Boom will react in all manner of ways and develop differing personalities as you interact with them. The Furby Boom develops as you talk, dance and play with him or her.

With an awesome new color range to choose from, new improved and expanded reactions and speech learning capabilities as well as the awesome addition of hatchlings, Christmas 2015 is the perfect time to brush up on your Furbish language skills and adopt one of these awesome toys.

The Furby boom is set to be one of the most sought after and hottest toys for Christmas 2015.

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2. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

Another one of the hottest toys this Christmas 2015 is, much like the Furby, a familiar friend, its Sesame Street’s lovable character Elmo!

Elmo is back and this time he wants Hugs and lots of them!

This incantation of Elmo comes with so many options and ways to play with him that its to many to list here!

Elmo loves hugs, give him a hug and he will hug you right back and either tell you some fun phrases or sing a very cute song about Hugs!

The makers Hasbro really have out done themselves this time as Big Hugs Elmo comes with more than 50 sounds and phrases and up to 4 different imagination activities for your child to have fun with.

Some other features, press Elmo’s left foot and he will sing for you or engage your child with imagination activities. Lie Elmo down on his back and he will sleepily sing a lullaby until he drifts off to sleep.

Grab yours quick as they are bound to sell out this festive season.

Check out the link and video below for even more fun Big Hugs Elmo features.

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3. Lalaloopsy dolls

Lalaloopsy Dolls are all the rage for all young girls this Christmas.

Lalaloopsy dolls have been popular for a long time now, but the newest range of Lalaloopsies have seen them become one of the hottest toys for girls between 4 and 15 years of age (yes they are very popular with young teenage girls as well as younger kids, but the best age rage would be 4-6).

The main feature of these dolls is they have hair you can style, twist, braid and brush as Lalaloopsy dolls have real yarn hair that is very soft and allows itself to be styled.

There are many different themed dolls, but they all come with hair brush, hair clips and beads, sport articulated head, arms and legs and have shoes and clothes that can be removed and mixed and matched for fashion fun.

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4. Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow

In a word, the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow is simply “Awesome”.

The Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow is a smash hit with both boys and girls, girls in particular are massive fans of this Nerf product as it is not only an object of strength and power, but one of beauty as well.

The hero in Hunger Games, is female and just happens to sport a bow as well.

This bow allows you to safely feel the thrill of real bow action and the power off firing darts that fly up to 75feet!

Suitable for ages 8 and up, this bow is another winner in the Nerf range of toys and is definitely a worthy finalist in our hottest toys of Christmas 2105 list.

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5. World of Disney Eye Found It Board Game

At number 5 of our hottest list is The World of Disney Eye Found it Board Game!

Set in the wonderful and magical Disney Universe, this huge board game (at 6 foot it’s the biggest board game we have road tested) is set to be a family favorite this Christmas.

Decorated with all the well known and loved artwork of Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Phineas and Ferb, Mosters Inc, Winnie the poo and many more, with 12 different regions (realms) for players to rave through. These regions range from Radiator Springs, Alice’s Wonderland, and Peter Pan’s Never Land to Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Racers search for iconic Disney objects.

There are more than 80 games, puzzles and apps to work though, all of which encourage cooperation and teamwork and teaches object identification and matching skills

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6. LEGO The Hobbit The Goblin King Battle

There isn’t a much cooler combination on the planet LEGO and The Hobbit!

This awesome set comes with the figures Gandalf the Grey, three dwarves, Dori, Nori and Ori as well as the Goblin Scribe, 2 Goblin Soldiers and of course The Goblin king himself.

Your task is to help Gandalf the Grey sneak past the Goblin king and his guards and free the captured Dwarves Dori , Nori and Ori who are held captive deep inside the Goblins disgusting caves. You will need to discover the cave’s secret functions, other secrets and hidden treasures as you fight you way to freedom using the catapult, collapsing a rope bridge, lifting the bucket crane and tipping the ladder and offcourse find the map.

This epic battle setting comes alive with some amazing Lego and Lego figurines, awesome set a must have for any Hobbit fan or Lego lover.

Age group : 8 – 14 years.

Comes with the aforementioned 7 minifigures, bridge, throne and map, skulls, bone elements, torches with flame elements, golden crystals and The Goblin King’s crown and bone scepter.

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7. LEGO Minecraft (Original)

Next on our top 10 hottest toys for Christmas 2013list is another LEGO product, the massively popular Minecraft.

Many of you will know of a child or children that are infatuated with the minecraft game. Kids also love LEGO so bring the two together was a no brainer, it was always destined to be a big hit.

Inside the box are 480 LEGO pieces which you use to build your own microworld with the look, feel and function of the minecraft game.

The set is very cool. You build four blocks which are then joined (if you want) by connectors,there are hidden chambers, two micro mini-figs (Steve and Creeper), you can literally build whatever you want with this set.

Delight the LEGO or Minecraft fanatic in your house in Christmas 2013.

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8. Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom

Coming in at a respectable 8 is a gift all girls will love, Twistz Rainbow Loom.

The rainbow loom is literally flying of the shelves and is often unavailable, it is a smash hit with the kids.

Using the Raindbow loom kids can make awesome crafts and jewellery like key chains and bracelets by weaving rubber bands together using a loom.

The Rainbow Loom comes with a bag of c-clips, mini rainbow loom (handheld), instruction manuals and patterns, as well as 600 non-latex rubber bands in a myriad of colors (you can always buy more separately).

Kids just love making the bracelets in particular so they can give to their friends as friendship bracelets.

Great creative and educational gift your kids will love.

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Order The Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom Here


9. Zoom Pets Zoomer Dalmatian

Meet Zoomer! Zoomer Dalmation is one of the Zoom Pets, currently the most popular one of the bunch.

Zoomer does many things a real Dalmation does, he barks, trys to talk, scoots around, rolls over and loves to play.

Your kids will find Zoomer both loveable and hilarious at the same time.

Like any puppy you will need to teach Zoomer to do tricks and come when called. Reward him by scratching his belly and Zoomer gets very excited!

Before you know it he’ll be laying down, rolling over, playing dead and more.

Using a free Andriod or iOS app, you can learn everything you need to know about Zoomer and how to train him / her.

So give your kids a new best friend this Christmas!

Ages 5+

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10. Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer Set

Last but by no mean least we have in 10th place the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer Set.

Star Wars and Angry Birds, what an awesome pop culture combination!

Stack more than 20 pieces to build the Star Destroyer, then launch as many as three Rebel (angry) birds at the same time with the awesome triple lightsaber launcher to destroy the Starship and send the imperial pigs flying off into space.

For the first time, Telepods lets you teleport your Rebel Bird and Imperial Pig figures into the new Angry Birds Star Wars II app so you can choose who you launch.

Figures include Luke Skywalker Bird (Jedi), Emperor Palpatine Pig, Stormtrooper Pig, Anakin Skywalker Bird (Podracer), Darth Vader Pig, Droideka Pig, Padmé Amidala Bird, Capt. Panaka Bird, Zam Wesell Pig, and Jedi Youngling Bird.

So get ready to take on the evil imperial empire (or is that pork – pire in this case?) and find a home for the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer Set under your Christmas Tree in 2013.

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Order Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Star Destroyer Set Here

So there you have it our 10 Hottest Toys For Christmas 2015, we hope you enjoyed reading through the list and you found something to suit you Child’s needs. If you like to suggest any alternatives be sure to leave a comment and let us know.

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