Shrinky Dinks – The Shrinky Dinks Craze Is Back!

The Shrinky Dinks Craze Is Back!

Shrinky DinksMost of us know of Shrinky Dinks, what you may or may not know is they are now as popular as ever.

The History Of Shrinky Dinks

For those who don’t know Shrinky Dinks were a product of the early 70’s, the inventors were two housewives in Brookfield Wisconsin who collaborated for their sons Cub scout project. They discovered you could melt or “shrink” large pieces of pre-printed flexible sheets by heating them in the oven without losing the original image, rather it was a miniature “shrinky Dink” version of the larger original.

How Are Shrinky Dinks Made?

They are made from special flexible, plastic that shrinks down to about one third of its original size and end up being around nine times thicker when placed under heat. These pieces of plastic are drawn on before heating, when they are then heated, the image will shrink perfectly along with the plastic.

Affordable Fun For The Whole Family

There is something magical about watching your Shrinky Dink creations shrink before you eyes when heated in an oven, your kids will get as much of a buzz out of the melting process as they will when playing with or wearing them (in the case of jewlery) for hours and weeks after baking is complete.

They are a great idea for Christmas 2012, especially for those on a budget as the kits which come complete with special coloring pencils, plastic sheets and even pre cut figures, often retail well under $20.

You could get even more creative and go the DIY route (you will still need to purchase the plastic and pencils which you can find here), but with the cheaply priced kits below you will get a much better finished product and a much more hassle free experience.

Now days you can make everything from entire scenes, to jewelry, key chains, bracelet and much, much more, its such a fun hobby to get the whole family together on

Note: Due to the need for heat to be applied adult supervision is definitely required when baking

The Incredible Shrinky Dink Maker

The Incredible Shrinky Dink MakerWell if your looking to make your own Shinky Dinks, then you will need a safe way for your kids to heat their designs.

Unlike the traditional method of using an oven the Incredible Shrinky Dink Maker will preform the task of melting the Dink’s whilst keeping your kids safe.

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Monster Lab

Shrinky Dinks Monster LabThis awesome Creativity For Kids Kit from Faber-Castell comes with 50 spooky monster themed Shrinkies that you color in, cut out and shrink by baking them.

Included is also a pop up castle that you can then place your Shrinky Dinks inside of and have some role playing fun.

This is affordable fun that will keep you kids occupied making them for hours and playing with them for months.

On Sale at Amazon at Amazon


Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dink Deluxe

Creativity for Kids Shrinky Dink DeluxeThis is another Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Kit product, but this time the focus is more on designing and creating jewelry.

With this fantastic kit, your kids can make their very own charm bracelets, beads, greeting cards, gift tags, jewelry, hair clips and keys chains.

You wont believe the delight your kids will get from wearing and sharing their own creations

On Sale at Amazon at Amazon


Creativity For Kids Fairy Garden

Creativity For Kids Fairy GardenYet another in the Creativity for Kids series is the Fairy Garden kit.

This kit contains 50 Shrinky Dinks ready to color, cut, bake and shrink. It also contains a popup fairy garden which you can then place your shrinkies in.

This kit is more suited to young girls as it is fairy themed, with flowers, rhinestones, fairy wings and characters amongst its items.

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Christmas Themed Shrinky’s

Creativity For Kids Santa's WorkshopCreativity For Kids Santa’s Workshop

This Kit comes with over 50 pre cut shrinky dinks just waiting to be colored in, cut, baked and shrunk. Included in the Kit are Santa and his wife Mrs Clause, along with a Christmas tree with all the trimmings.Also included are a team of reindeer, sleigh and a velvet bag full of toys, all set in a pop-up North Pole Scene



Creativity For Kids Christmas TreeCreativity For Kids Christmas Tree

Keeping in theme with Christmas, why not get your kids to make their very own shrinky Christmas tree, complete with ornaments.

This tree would look fantastic on the table at Christmas dinner and the kit includes 20 pre-cut Shrinky Dinks ornaments, 8 Colored Pencils, sparkling tinsel, metallic beads and a silver star for the very top of the tree and much more.

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Shrinky s Jewlery

One of the most popular things you can make with Shrinky Dinks is your own jewelry.

It is a lot of fun and a very cheap way to make jewelry, your kids will love their custom bracelets, rings and charms, in particular as they have made them themselves. They will soon be making jewelry to give as gifts to others.

So if you have a budding Jewelry designer, Check out the products below.

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